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Debra made it all happen! Highly recommended.

Debra is awesome. I've purchased a home before, but never in California, or San Francisco. Debra helped me wade through a number of issues that were new to me: energy inspections, houses that are 120+ years old, a ridiculous seller's market, tenant questions in a rent-controlled city, and some unique loan issues that also came up. At one point we needed to get a painter in fast - Debra had already booked her personal painting crew for another of her projects, but was willing to send them to our home instead on short notice! She was on top of everything. I was nervous we might not be able to close the deal at all, but Debra made it all happen several days early! Highly recommended.

Dave W.

Debra is absolutely an all-around excellent real estate agent!

Debra is absolutely an all-around excellent real estate agent to work with. I would strongly encourage anyone looking for a home in San Francisco to work with her.
Her level of experience is incredible and she provided excellent perspective and advice at multiple stages in the process of my search. She's very plugged into the real estate market in the city and she was patient with me as we scanned through lots of houses looking for just the right place.

Debra is also very responsive and always made herself available, even on short notice. While I know for a fact that she was working with others during our search, it always felt like she was working solely with me. She was very kind and generous with her time and her dedication to my mission of finding a home.

In the end, Debra found the perfect place and helped me structure my offer to be competitive. I cannot be happier with the house and it wouldn't have been possible without her expertise.

Drew H.

Debra was available at all hours!

We have just closed on our first home, having worked with Debra for around six months. We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with her, and would immediately recommend her to others.

I can say, without fear of exaggeration, that without Debra's help and hard work we would not have bought our beautiful new condo. We bid on the property originally at the top of our budget, and lost out by some 10% to the then winning bid. However, some funding difficulties lead to the original winner dropping out - at that point Debra moved quickly and decisively to position us as the next best offer (having _already_ done the ground work when our initial bid was rejected to ensure that we would be considered if anything happened - a very low-percentage play but indicative of the effort and attention to detail we observed). From that point forward she worked very closely with our lender and the seller's agent to meet a tight timeline, and insulated us from much of the stress of a fast close.

Through the next few weeks, as the process moved forward, Debra was available at all hours to answer our simple questions and, on more than one occasion, detect that reassurance was required and to calm our nerves. Down to the final two days, Debra accompanied us to the title office and looked after our baby boy while we wore out our hands signing page after page, and then drove the documents herself to the lender's offices in San Mateo to ensure we hit our deadline.

Debra was also a great help during the search process - listening to our (sometimes confusing and contradictory) feedback, and making a great effort to find a place that was right for us in a market where there is very little inventory. She was realistic with us about setting our expectations, and was happy to tell us when she thought a place was not right for us - including one last-minute phone call when some new information became available that stopped us from making a mistake. We came to trust her judgment implicitly. We never felt rushed, and worked only to our timeline.

I can't imagine that anyone is better connected in the real estate business, and our experience was that if Debra recommends someone, they are of the highest standard.
I expected buying a house to be stressful. In truth, it was, but only mildly so - without Debra's help it would have been unbearable, and we'd still be looking.

Henry R

Debra will work patiently and tirelessly with you.

Debra is an amazing realtor, knowledgeable resource and great friend. If you are in the market for a home in San Francisco, Debra is the realtor for you!

Debra will work patiently and tirelessly with you to find the perfect house. And then when you find the right one, she will do everything and anything in her power to make sure that the keys are placed in your hands!

When my husband and I decided to buy our first home in San Francisco, we were quickly overwhelmed with choosing a neighborhood, deciding between a single family home vs condo vs TIC, finding the right mortgage broker, etc. Debra listened all of our questions and concerns and responded with thoughtful answers and options.
Applying all her years of experience, Debra guided us through the entire home-purchasing process which resulted in the purchase of a home that we LOVE in an area that we LOVE!

To this day, Debra is just an email or phone call away if we need a referral or advice. I would buy another home in a heartbeat just to work with her again!

Jamie K.

I would recommend Debra to anyone!

Debra is a truly wonderful agent to work with and person to know. She is a great agent with a tremendous amount of experience in San Francisco, as she spends a tremendous amount of her free time in real estate, along with the fact that she's pursued it for I believe 30+ years. She knows all the pros and cons of the various neighborhoods. She is unbelievably responsive and attentive, offering to move around personal commitments on multiple occasions to get us into a home. She knows basically every agent and what is needed for an offer to really sway an owner (I won't give away her tricks of the trade, but we had the exact same offer as 2 others on our home and her additions made us the clear favorite on the first home we bid on, the home of our dreams). She always has your best interest in mind: she made sure the home was turned over to us in great condition, ensuring that some of the floor and window scuffs left by the staging company were paid for, and negotiated a great parking package for us. She is unbelievably patient. We decided to change our financing package and bid multiple times in the days before bids were due. She never acted bothered by another request to talk through and change something. She offered the same respect and clear advice with great pros and cons every time we posed a new question or concern. 

Beyond her great skills and experience in her trade, Debra really held our hands through our first home purchase in myriad other ways as well. She had a great list of people to cover any service you could ever need to put your home in good shape, from financing to insurance to designers to cable to locksmiths painters and carpenters. 

I would recommend Debra to anyone looking for a new home or real estate investment. We bought in what looks like one of the most difficult times for a buyer and she secured for us our dream home, the first home we bid on. Her experience through various other difficult real estate cycles was infinitely helpful, and her professionalism and helpfulness was unbelievably appreciated. There is truly no one like her.

Julia French

Debra is exactly what you want in a agent.

Debra is amazing, and I can not imagine working with anyone else after the wonderful experience I had. When I first met Debra I did not think I could buy a home in San Francisco, I just enjoyed going to open houses. Debra worked with me for over a year to find a place that I not only loved but also could afford, even though I am sure she is accustomed to larger commissions.. Debra is exactly what you want in a agent. Her work ethic and dedication to her clients is superb; she was with us every step of the way. She is caring and understanding; taking the time to get to know you and exactly what your priorities are. At the same time Debra can be tough as nails when needed- she always has your best interests at heart and will definitely go to bat for you. She is upfront and honest so you always know where you stand. She is very well connected as well and can recommend great people for all of your other home related needs. On Debra's recommendation we found a wonderful loan officer, title company, contractors, painters and inspectors. While I have no plans to buy another home anytime soon, I will definitely stay in touch with Debra- she has become more then an agent to me. I consider her a friend.

Justin G.

She is an expert at her job!

I recently worked with Debra Christoffers as a first-time home buyer in San Francisco. She not only found the property of my dreams (and a great deal) but she was very considerate of my fears as a first-time buyer. Debra initiated a meeting to walk me through the real estate jargon that was going to be used through the process. It was very important to her that I felt completely comfortable throughout the process. In addition, it is very obvious she is an expert at her job. I would use Debra again in a heartbeat!

Lauren Sturman Soriano

I have never written a YELP review before but I was motivated to do so to shout out the extraordinary service, support and over all hand holding I received from my Zephyr Realtor, Debra Christoffers.
My transaction was complicated, a bit tricky and had a lot moving parts. This was more difficult than the average real estate transaction because with great deal of mixed emotions, I was selling my family home, (the one I raised my two boys in) to my long time tenants. The tricky part was they could not really afford it but we both wanted to make it happen.
With Debra's careful and considerate guidance, we navigated, inspections, back and forth negotiations, appraisals, neighbors, lenders and second mortgages to insure that this transaction would have a happy ending for all.
She was there holding everyone's hands during the entire transaction and she exceeded my expectations and the buyers. Debra had a rolodex of vendors and contractors to make the necessary repairs for me before the sale and additions for the buyers after the sale. We would all use her again in a heartbeat. Professional, Trust Worthy and Detail Oriented.

Lynetta G.

She went the extra mile!

As a first time SF homebuyer, I wanted to work with someone with deep knowledge of the SF real estate, building structure and overall process of buying a home. Debra was that and more! Not only did she listen to my needs, she even went the extra mile of recommending details I never thought of. Debra took a very hands on and consultative approach, that allowed me to expand my knowledge of home buying. I would work with Debra again and recommend her for anyone interested in buying Bay Area property.

Mark Muleady

Debra provided an excellent overall buying experience!

Debra provided an excellent overall buying experience for me as I searched for a condo in San Francisco. Her expertise, extensive network and attention to detail helped to quickly vet out properties that weren't of interest and focus on viewing properties that better fit what I was looking for. I would highly recommend working with Debra and have the utmost confidence that the experience I had is shared by all her clients.

Matt Budd-Thanos

Debra is the BEST!

Debra is the BEST! Tremendous amounts of knowledge about SF and has a great network that will continue to help you as a home owner. She remains one of my "go to" resources. She is so much more than just an agent. "Above and Beyond" is something that you can expect from Debra.

During the whole process, she would accommodate my crazy work hours. At one point, she even drove documents to my work to sign! I couldn't imagine going through the process without her being on my side.

I can't recommend her enough to everyone i meet with real estate needs. Best service, best response time, best knowledge - simply the BEST!!!

Thank you, Debra!

Ming L.

She is accessible, persistnent, and client-centric.

Debra is a true professional with deep knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market. She takes a very consultative approach to being a realtor by guiding buyers and sellers through all details of the process no matter how big or small. She is accessible, persistnent, and client-centric. I have purchased 2 properties, and sold 1 property with Debra, and look forward to working with her again.

Raymond Soriano

The kind of person you NEED on your side.

I honestly don't even know where to start this review.. Debra just helped me buy my first home. As a first time hone owner, all those documents and realtor mumbo-jumbo language is like dealing with a whole lot of stuff that looks and sounds like Japanese. Debra is a god send. She took the difficulty out of everything. She's patient, witty, strong willed and brutally honest. The kind of person you NEED on your side, especially when investing in such a life changing purchase. - Debra, From the bottom of my heart.. I can not thank you enough.

Rosie L.